Excited for their 1st Birthday

The twins are getting big fast.  It seems just like yesterday when they were tiny little babies.  Now they are almost eight months old and are growing fast.  Sophie especially, who has gotten a lot bigger than her ate.  They didn't even try to sit on their own.  Both girls skipped that and are standing already.  They can't wait to walk!  The grandparents (that includes me) and great grandparents are too overjoyed with these adorable girls.

Every time I go the mall, I make sure I bring them something.  Just little things because hubs and I are saving for something.  We would like to buy them wooden playsets on their first birthday.  Yup, that would be our gifts to them.  The great grandparents are also cooking up something.  I have no idea what it will be though because they're not telling us.  They want it to be a surprise not just for the twins but for all of us.  But I'm worried about one thing.  Mom and I think alike.  I am crossing my fingers that we won't have the same gifts.  Giving the same gift has happened several times.  Guess I really have to talk to her in secret to get a clue.