Following Doctor's Orders

I can feel that my eyes are getting worse.  In a year's time, I upgraded my reading glasses.  It's a bit alarming considering that I'm only about to approach mid-forties.  I know I have to find ways to at least slow it down.  I started with eating slightly sauteed carrots and squash every meal.  That's what the ophthalmologist advised.  According to him, the antioxidants found in the orange and yellow vegetables can help improve eyesight.  Grape seed extract is also a great source of antioxidants that help the eyes so he also advised that I take the supplements.

One of the causes (I think) why my eyesight is deteriorating fast is because of abuse.  I love to read and sew (even with poor lighting!).  My mom used to tell me that I shouldn't be doing that but I didn't listen.  Although I have stopped sewing, I still read.  This time though, I make sure that the table lamps are turned on even if the other lamps in the room are also on.  You might think that I'm exaggerating but that is a doctor's order.  He stressed that there should be proper lighting if I still want to enjoy the things I used to do.

Next month, I'm scheduled for another check-up.  If I followed all the things he asked me to do, there's going to be a great improvement with my eyesight.


Health Buzz said…
Certainly your eyesight will get better if you follow your doctor and a healthy diet. :)