Having Poor Vision

My husband underwent a laser eye surgery about 15 years ago. It has done wonders to his eyes, relieving him from all the troubles of having to wear thick eyeglasses and contact lenses because of his progressive myopia.  When he reached the age of forty he still had to wear prescription eyeglasses because even if he had his vision corrected; people over forty are starting to have poorer vision.  The good thing is, the grade of his prescription glasses are not as high as before he had the laser eye surgery.

We've heard of the method of laser eye surgery; the iLasik.  More and more people are relying on the more advanced technology of laser eye surgery where instead of one, the procedure uses two lasers. The first one is an ultra fast, computer-guided laser which creates the corneal flap after mapping the unique characteristics of the eye. In the older version of lasik, which my husband underwent, a handheld microkeratome blade was used. It is safe, I tell you because I will not allow my husband to undergo the surgery if it wasn't. 

We asked his doctor if he again, can have the surgery but she didn't advise it.  Hubs is also suffering from glaucoma and she said, even if we have his vision corrected for the second time, his eye condition will still deteriorate rapidly because of his glaucoma.  It's useless to spend again on something that will not help.  Instead she asked hubs to treat it through supplements and proper diet.  This will help lower the pressure of his glaucoma.  Looking at the bright side, hubs is eating more greens and yellow now.  He used to be a read meat lover and he avoided vegetables.