Michelle, the teacher

Who would have thought that the simple girl who dreamed of becoming a teacher and owning a small school for preschoolers would grow up to be more than just a mere teacher?  Ever since we were young, My cousin Michelle's mind was set on becoming a good educator.  She idolized and looked up to her preschool teacher so much that she wanted to become like her.  So when she graduated from high school; she decided on taking it up and graduated from a course in education. 

She then went to the US to be with her parents.  Instead of working right away she took another course; B.S. Child Psychology.  Michelle is really bright because she graduated with high marks and she did it with honors.  Right after graduation, she worked as a teacher in the local high school.  A couple of years later, the school sponsored her to continue higher education.  She enrolled in an Education Masters Course while working at the same time. 

Right now she is the principal of that high school.  It was quite an achievement considering that Michelle is just in her late twenties.  She has already achieved so much at such a young age.  The girl who loves to teach is now a principal.


emz said…
She is a good example to everyone full of determination.