Tuscan Valentine

It's been customary for my husband to give his female staff presents on Valentine's Day. I help him prepare these every year. This year, he would like to give them something that make Valentine's not only a romantic experience but gastronomic as well. He's giving them a Wine Gift Baskets. Each basket contains a bottle of wine paired with food that matches it. There's cheese, chocolates, pasta, cupcakes and nuts. Each bottle of wine and its matched food was carefully selected by experts. He tediously researched each and every wine. Each basket's content is also matched with his staff's personality.

My husband loves fine dining and eating in general. He loves matching wines to different foods. He says it helps drinking wine a more pleasurable experience.Mind you, there are inexpensive wines that are really good. They may not have the pedigree but Their taste can match even the best wines. He used to manage several fine dining restaurants before. This taught him to appreciate food. I did not know that some white wines go well with red meat.

His staff will surely be pleased. They'll be receiving a very different gift from their boss. I'm sure they'll have a great Valentine's with their special someones on the day of hearts.