Yogurt Addiction

The first time I have tasted frozen yogurt was back in the 80's when my family and I used to travel to Tokyo a lot.  The family business then was all about retailing.  We'd buy goods from Japan and bring them here to sell.  That required us to travel a lot during the 80s up to the 90s.  It only stopped when goods from China started to flood the retail stores here.  We cannot compete with their very low prices even if our goods were of high quality.  Well anyway, this article is not about retailing because I'd like to talk about frozen yogurt.

So I had this favorite toy store in Tokyo called Hakuhinkan, and that's where I first tasted the yummy yogurt.  Every time I would visit the toy store, I'd pass by the kiosk to buy a cup of strawberry yogurt.  I fell in love with its tart taste so much that even during winter time I eat it.  I didn't care if my hands were freezing just as long as I satisfy my cravings.  Frozen yogurt then was never heard in the Philippines.   Whoever brought these yogurt franchises here is a genius.  I was just wondering why it took them so long to do that.  Could it be that the Pinoys then weren't ready for frozen yogurt?  I was!  Maybe it was a blessing that it came late because owning a frozen yogurt booth now has become a very lucrative business.  Every where you look, you'd see a frozen yogurt store.  If I had the money, I'd like to get a franchise.  How about you, do you like frozen yogurt too?