My Simple Wedding Cake Toppers

Still reminiscing about my lovely wedding.  If my husband's family surprised me with the fabulous wedding decorations, I wasn't surprised with the wedding cake.  I had full control of what went in the cake and what wedding cake toppers to choose.  My wedding cake was made by my mom's good friend.  Fondant cakes weren't in yet (well that's how long ago I was married) but I had a very elegant 7-tiered wedding cake.  The icing was in white and it was embellished with beautiful candied peach roses.  My wedding cake topper was just a simple figurine of a bride and groom but the bride had the same wedding gown as mine.


emz said…
It more memorable specially it was made by those people very important to you. I like reading your post I will visit again. Have a great day!
Those are really cute wedding cake toppers. I love it! Also, it's funny and cool. Thumbs up!!