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While in Tiendesitas last week, the boys spotted a gun shop.  Of course my husband and son stopped by the shop.  So we left them there so they could look around while we wait for Loki who was being groomed.  I went around myself at the flea market.  I didn't see much so I headed to the food stalls instead and bought a lot of fresh fruits.  After shopping, I went back to the gun shop thinking that my boys were finished looking around.

Well, they aren't.  They were still happily looking around and checking the guns and the Rifle scope for their air gun at home.  They used to go target shooting before but stopped when hubs' Rifle scope broke down.  They miss it and it's been a while since they last went shooting.  It took them another half hour before my husband finally decided on the Barska Rifle scope.  It has full magnification; just right for hubs' not so good eyesight.

I tried shooting too and I'm quite good at it; that's what hubs' says (winks).  But it's not really my love.  I would rather spend on my bowling equipment than spend on something that I will not use very often.  My boys are good at it and I'm glad that they are going back.