Better Off without Him

A couple of years ago, it shocked us when we heard the news that my cousin is getting a divorce. Jim and Marie were a great couple. We've met Jim several times when they came home to visit. I grew up with Marie and we were only separated when their family moved to Texas before college. Jim seems to be a nice guy and he adored Marie so we were shocked to hear that he had not been loyal to my cousin.; he cheated on her and their kids for a bout a year.

When Marie found out from a friend, he confronted Jim and he admitted about having an affair with his co-worker. My cousin said, she never saw a hint of remorse so she decided to file for a divorce. She talked to her kids first before talking to an Arizona Alimony Lawyer.  The process was easy and quick. Her lawyer did everything he could to get everything in her favor, after all she is the aggrieved party. Last time I heard, Jim's relationship with his co-worker didn't work out either and he is now seeing someone else. My cousin and her kids have moved on and according to her, it will take time before she opens her heart again. Her kids are still too young and she wants to be more careful this time.