A Forum Dedicated for Moms

Seasoned or new moms alike are getting a lot of help from online forums when it comes to raising kids and juggling work and family.  I raised two children but I have to admit that my ways are a little old-fashioned if you compare it with how the moms now are taking care of their children. If you are a frequent visitor of Mommy's Little Corner, you know that just recently, I became a grandmother to two adorable girls (twins!).  My daughter and the girls are staying here with us because my son in law boarded a cruise ship a couple of months ago.  He'll be away for several months and he naturally didn't want his wife and the girls to be left alone in their house. 

I am helping my daughter take care of the twins.  She asks me a lot of questions about things she should and shouldn't do.  Of course I give her my input and we try to compare it with what her Pedia is teaching her.  I also encouraged her to join a mom forum so she can compare notes.  Other moms are sharing their experiences and I believe that she can learn a lot of things from them. But you know what?  She encouraged me to join as well because she said my inputs can help other moms too.  And not only that, they have this moms helping other moms program where you can ask the volunteers to give you a hand on some things.  Plus, you'll get a chance to chat with other mommies about the same issues you are experiencing.

During my time, we didn't have this.  I guess the mommies now are luckier because we have the internet where they can easily find answers with just a few clicks of their mouse.  Volunteer moms who are offering their support to new moms are ready to answer your questions any time. I'm considering signing up; some of my ways maybe old-fashioned but it still might be of help to others.