Happy with His Career

I was a surprise to see Scott, my bowling colleauge's son,once again last week.  He used to come with his dad during weekends and play with my daughter and nephew while we were bowling.  When these kids approached teenhood, they all stopped going with us. 

Scott is so tall and he told me he now works at an online sports company and he supervises the online sports registration.  He just came home from London where he attended a two-months training.  The company he works for is just one of the many sports team websites you can find in the internet.  It is actually a sports gaming information site where you can find info about your favorite teams.  It's a great site for sports fanatics especially if you happen to always miss the games.  Here, you can easily track your favorite players; know what's the latest about them; and keep updated with injuries during games. And if you are into betting, they have this feature where you can bet for your favorite team or player.  Odds are also provided by these sports team websites so you'll have an idea on which team you should put your money on.

According to his dad, Scott is paid well and he seems to be happy with his career.  Another great thing about his job is he doesn't have to report to their office daily.  He can work any where he chooses as long as he has his laptop with him and he logs in on time.