A Little Different

Things are a little different now with the twins.  When my kids were still babies, food was introduced at four months.  With the twins, we started introducing food at six months.  According to their pediatrician who also happens to be my cousin, that's to avoid allergies.  They are now nine months old and so far they didn't have allergies with all the food that we gave them.  My cousin also asked us to watch out for food intolerance and as per her instructions, we can only introduce one food at a time and we have to wait for three days before we can introduce another.  That's just to make sure that there are no allergies or intolerance with the food.

Their vitamin supplements were also given when they were already four months old.  Unlike with my kids where multis and vitamin c were prescribed right away.  Her explanation?  Their milk formula is already complete with all the natural vitamins and minerals that they need.  Prescribing supplements during infancy will just be too much.  What she told us made sense because when we got home that day, I read the nutrition facts at the back label of their milk formula and i found a long list of vitamins and minerals.

Things are different now but I like the change.  It means that we are getting back to being conservative when it comes to child care.


My first is due in a month, and it is a bit scary. I have not read anywhere (yet) when to introduce food so this is a good tip. So, you only introduce 1 new food every 3 days, does that mean you give the child that new food every day for the 3 days?