My Busy Boys

I guess hubs can't get over these wireless things.  After installing a wireless doorbell last February, he now fusses about having a wireless intercom and a door phone.  We live in a four-story house so having intercoms make it easy for all of us to communicate with each other.

Yesterday, while buying stuff for his car, he passed by the home depot shop and saw some electrical gadgets that were on sale.  You know how men can get crazy over these electrical gadgets.  He didn't buy the intercom though.  He was telling me about it last night and I think he was waiting for my reaction.  When I didn't say a thing, he took it as an approval.  This morning, he and my son were off to the home depot to buy stuff.  I'm sure they'll be home later with the gadgets and they will be very busy installing them.  My boys like to work together on projects and my husband is taking advantage of my son's time.  It's his last year in high school and once he's off to college; he'll miss their bonding times.

After the door phone and intercom, I wonder what these boys will be up to next time.