No Pushover Mom

Gone were the days when moms drove minivans and station wagons. The modern mom drives an SUV or a sporty crossover. Moms are making a statement and a very strong one at that. They too want performance and luxury in their daily drives whether making trips to the grocery or driving their kids to school. Manufacturers have noticed this and they're wasting no time in adapting to the changing market. What used to be exclusively for the man on the go, is gradually being embraced by the mom on the go.

I must admit that I've been bitten by the SUV bug. No longer do I prefer a wimpy car, I want something my husband drives as well. I've managed to convince my husband to consider buying me an SUV or a crossover. I've been checking out several models from different manufacturers and Toyota's vehicles have impressed me. I went over several toyota venza crossover deals. The Venza's features and size are what I need. I find it very sexy. It's powerful engine and AWD system is just perfect. It drives like a car and performs like a tank. It's big enough to accommodate my family as well as my groceries. Who said that only guys have all the fun? Women can play the same game too. I'm glad I have a husband who understands women. Soon, I'll be driving a car every man would love to drive too.