Safety First

Every year during summer, my husband always makes sure to check our electrical wires.  A few days ago there was another fire within the neighborhood and we heard that it was because of a faulty electrical wiring.  It was a good thing that it was put off right away and no one got hurt. 

When hubs did his routine last February, he discovered that the coating of the doorbell wire was eaten by a mouse.  It could be dangerous if ignored especially that he is out of the house most of the time.  That's when he decided to go for the wireless doorbell.  It's easier to install and he doesn't have to worry about wires being eaten by household pests.   He also discovered some old wires that needed to be replaced. 

Aside from the wireless door bell, he also replaced the patio string lights with solar-powered ones.  They were not wireless but he says, it would save us a lot of money.  I think he went a little overboard with the replacement expenses but I just let him do what he thinks is right.  At least we can both sleep soundly at night knowing that there are no faulty electrical wiring in our house.