She Also Wants to be a Teacher

My cousin, who happens to be the pediatrician of our twins, is already busy juggling her time between two hospitals.  Our family seldom sees her anymore and the only times that I do are during the girls' Well Baby check ups.

Last Saturday I got to talk to her because I rushed Sophie in the ER.  She was having the chills and her fever was very high.  It turned out that the poor baby is suffering from UTI.  She was given an antibiotic med and before we were sent home, we passed by my cousin's clinic.  She said she had to see Sophie first before sending us home. 

While at her clinic, I got to talk to her because there were no other patients yet.  That rarely happens because her clinic is usually jam-packed with parents and kids. She told me that she'll get busier because she is planning to enroll in a medical teaching course.  She loves taking care of babies' health and well-being but teaching is her second love.  She will immediately start with her teach the teacher course as soon as she gets her schedule fixed.  It's a good thing that courses like this can be taken online; at least she can do it during her free time and her regular schedule in the two hospitals won't be interrupted.  If she finishes her teaching course fast, she might still have time to enroll for a medical management course. 

There is no stopping this woman.  With all these preparations, I'm sure she is planning to take her career in a new level.