When a Marriage fails

Divorce is a very painful experience both for spouses and their kids; and according to statistics, one out of every two marriages in the United States fail. And it is not only in the United States that this is happening, it happens in other parts of the globe and even here in the Philippines where divorce is not permitted, couples who cannot sort out their differences are separating. Annulment is the best option here, but it is more expensive and it takes a lot longer than you would with a divorce.

My cousin and her children didn't suffer long when she and her husband filed for divorce. As soon as both parties have presented their sides, the Arizona Divorce Laws allowed them to have the results they wanted. What I admired about the two is no matter what their differences are, they tried to keep their children out of it as much as possible. They also explained to the kids why it was happening to them even before they filed a divorce. It was hard for them in the beginning but through the help of family and friends, they were able to move on fast. I would rather that parents get divorced than let their children see them hurt each other.