My high school friends and I are embarking on a new environmental project. In a recent get together, we decided to hold a series of green fundraising shows. A concert and a movie premiere are on the top of our list. We have asked two bands to perform for our first green fundraising concert. The venue would be our old high school's gymnasium. It is big enough to accommodate the crowd we expect to attend. The bands were very helpful and would be performing for free. We are in the process of choosing a film that can attract a lot of people. A popular cinema at the mall would be a venue for that. Things are looking well and we hope to generate enough funds for our advocacy.

Other schools have heard of our project. The alumnus of these schools are asking us for help. We have setup a committee for other fundraisers for schools ad we're open to any green fundraising ideas others may suggest that would like to help the environment. Our activity has gained momentum. More and more people are trying to help out. We have volunteers and some businesses have given sponsorships for our various events. I hope this would lead to more fruitful projects in the future.