An All-Time favorite Snack

Just like my husband was very close to his grandfather while he was growing up, my son is also close both to him and his granddad.  The three men love to watch movies together; and with every movie, they noshed on buckets of popcorn. 

My father in law's recent heart attack didn't stop them from watching flicks.  Not in cinemas though, but at home.  My FIL gets tired easily and we thought it would be best if he doesn't go out too often.  My husband had set up a home theater for him and my mother in law bought a popcorn machine.    Our weekends are spent watching movies (old and new).  It's mostly the men who choose the films, you know how men hate chick flicks.  It sounds unfair, I know but as long as FIL is having a great time, that's alright for the ladies.

We do however, enjoy making the popcorn.  MIL loves to shop for a variety of popcorn seasoning so none of us really gets tired of noshing on this filling snack.  Cheddar and sour cream is my favorite while the boys love to nosh on barbecue and melted butter.  Popcorn will always be a favorite movie time snack for my family especially with a variety of flavorings to choose from.  How about yours?