A friend has been in the trucking business for several years now. His company has grown and they now also offers forwarding services. They also rent out trucks for hauling and delivery. He has an excellent team which handles transportation management and takes care of transportation rate negotiations. To handle storage, his warehouse design was changed.  He even looked for a logistics consulting company to help him do all these.  Trucks and rigs can now enter the warehouse. This ensures secured handling and loading. All items to be sent out are protected from the elements from processing to loading. All loading bays are indoors. Trucks backup to the bays for loading. His fleet of trucks has tripled. His workforce has also grown.  His clients are very satisfied with his service and  I think handling transportation rate negotiations well is one of his secrets.

He now has several satellite offices in key cities. He aims to expand even more. His dream is to compete with the major players of the industry. He has now engaged in overseas forwarding. The local market is very profitable. Perhaps someday he can take on the big boys. His original delivery company is still the center of his concentration. It is after all the backbone of his business. Despite having a very good management team, he still oversees the daily operations. He works everyday and sees to it that everything is alright. I'm sure his company will still grow.