Enjoying Healthy Food

My family was a great fan of microwave popcorn.  Aside from the fact that it is easy to prepare, it offers a lot of different flavors.  But when I stumbled upon a news reports about the dangers of microwave popcorn, I stopped buying them.  It was frightening to know that the hailed microwave popcorn contains a banned chemical known as diacetyl.  Apparently, this chemical can cause a fatal lung disease.

That didn't stop us from enjoying popcorn though.  I bought a popcorn maker so we can still make our favorite snack at home.  My kids can make their snack anytime sans the worry of lung disease.  I chose a small popcorn popper that's easy to use so the kids can operate it even when I'm not at home.  They love it because one time I spied on them and saw how much they enjoyed making popcorn.  I also bought a lot of healthy and natural flavorings so they won't tire of plain melted butter.

And oh before I forget, I am also using organic popcorn.  It's a little more expensive than the non-organic ones but it's healthier and more flavorful.  With the many kinds of chemicals added to our food, you're not sure any more which is good and which is harmful.  It pays to know what I am giving to my family.