Feel Relaxed with Salt Water

Are you suffering from hot tub rash?  It's a common skin condition where pink or red little bumps appear on your skin.  Sometimes, they even look like chicken skin and they can be found in the arms, legs, back, chest, cheeks and buttocks.

Although these bumps are considered harmless, they could be very irritating and are very unsightly.  Most cases can easily go away without treatment but they come back from time to time.  What's causing them?  Hard water and the bacteria in the tub.  Adding natural hot tub chemicals like salt will not only soften the water; it will act as a natural disinfectant and prevent soap gunk in your tub.  If you're worried about the extra cost for natural hot tub chemicals; salt is not expensive.  And when you have added salt; you no longer need to add chlorine because it is the salt that makes them.

You get more benefits with salt because it has healing properties.  It can help you relax and improve your skin.  Those achy muscles will be gone if you soak in salt water; salt is rich in bromide, a mineral that helps relieve sore and achy muscles.  I've tried adding salt to my water and I felt relaxed instantly; go ahead and try it.