Getting a Plastic

As I was sorting through my mails, I saw another credit card application.  I usually throw these credit card applications away because I was one of those people who were too afraid of using plastics, but as I was about to, something caught my attention.  The offer looked irresistible and there were lots of freebies.  Well, it was not actually the freebies that I was after but the low interest rates should I decide not to pay all the balance right away.

I thought it's about time I get one of these cards because it could be handy in cases of emergencies.  I consulted my husband about it and he agreed.  He also gets these credit card applications in his mail but he is also like me; he prefers paying in cash.  One credit card would be good he says.  Should we run out of cash and something comes up, there is something we can use. 

Credit cards are not bad for as long as you know how to use them.  I am not an impulse shopper so I really don't have to worry about going overboard.  Besides, the card will only be used for emergencies and not for buying everyday stuff.