Green Carpet Cleaning

It was only when the carpet cleaning companies embraced the going green concept that my sister allowed other people to clean her carpets.  She used to meticulously scrub them to keep them clean.  I've seen her do it and I salute her for doing so.  I mean get real, I am not that crazy to wash my own carpet; one reason why I never really like installing a carpet in my home.  Professional cleaners would just be an added cost to me.

I have also seen her spend on cleaning products and every time something new comes up; she'd be sure to try them.  It was only later, when she had tried Green Choice carpet cleaning Manhattan that she realized she saves more with professional cleaners.  The fee that she pays them is a lot cheaper than investing in her pricey cleaning products; and she doesn't have to spend a day scrubbing her rugs.  And her rugs smell nicely after the cleaners are done with them.

It made me think -- if having carpets in my home wouldn't require high maintenance and having professional cleaners clean they wouldn't cost much; I think it's about time I talk to my husband about having carpets.