Hot Flash Symptoms

For the first time last night, I had the hot flash symptoms.  At first I thought it was just because it's summer, but when I opened my eyes and saw that hubs is still beneath the blanket and the aircon is still running, that's when I realized I'm having the hot flashes.  I stood up to check the air coming out from the air conditioner; it was cool.  So that confirmed it.  Hubs is comfortably sleeping and there I was beside him, sweating.  I found it difficult to go back to sleep so I decided to take a shower.  It was only after the cool shower that I felt better. 

Except for the first bouts of hypertension that I felt a few months back, I thought I was sailing along fine.  I didn't really mind these symptoms and I didn't think treatment is necessary because they were tolerable.  I religiously worked out daily after I found out that my blood pressure was high.  That helped normalize my blood pressure.  But, after last night where I was very uncomfortable, I thought I'd consider a premenopause treatment.  I heard from a friend that it helped her manage the hot flashes.  I'm calling my doc to ask about it.