My Cousin's Business

My cousin never realized that he can save more on motorcycle batteries if he shopped online.  He thought batteries were more expensive online but found out they were way cheaper when he inquired from an online store.  He owns several motorcycles for his mail courier service.  He never actually thought that this could be a lucrative business.  He used to buy one motorcycle battery at the battery store for the single motorcycle that he owned.  He rode it himself, delivering mails around the city.  When his clientele started growing, he bought another motorcycle and hired another person to work for him.  It was only a couple of years ago when he started with his courier business but now he owns five motorcycles.  Hard work and determination made him successful.

The whole family is encouraging him to expand.  My dad told him to learn the tricks and trade of accepting parcels and packages.  The money is bigger bigger here, he adds.  I see dad's point, especially if he will go international.  It may require a bigger capital but it doesn't have to be big right away.  Just like his mail business, he can do it slowly.  Who knows, next time he orders for batteries; he won't be ordering for just motorcycles, but trucks as well.