Rafael's Patio

Rafael, my nephew, is too excited that he is finally living on his own.  He found an apartment near his work and had asked for his mom's help to shop for outdoor furniture.  The interior is already furnished but he wanted to furnish the bare patio so he and his friends can get together there during weekends.  He specifically wants the sofa type so there will be cushions.  He says, it's uncomfortable to sit on steel chairs for a long time especially when he and his friends are on a drinking spree.

I told my sister in law that there's a sale at wicker.com outdoor furniture.  I found it through a blogger friend who was blogging about the gorgeous coffee table she recently purchased from the website.  She found him a wicker finish set for an unbelievably low price.  With the budget my nephew gave him, she was also able to buy him a porch swing.

Rafael surely was glad he asked for his mom's help.  You know how men know so little when it comes to shopping for their home.  SIL showed me the photos of how his patio turned out.  It's gorgeous and I'm jealous of his porch swing.  I wish I had a bigger porch!