She did it!

My sister did it all by herself.  She found a great deal online on intercom doorbells.  She ordered for a unit and it arrived a couple of weeks ago.  My brother promised her that he'd drop by her apartment and install it for her.  She's been waiting for my brother to come to her apartment but luck is not on her side.  My brother's foot had to be operated for the second time.  A muscle on his foot tore when he played basketball.  I said second time because it got infected.   Anyway, he's alright now but still resting. 

My sister was too excited with her new gadget so she tried installing it on her own.  She said it was fairly easy to install.  She was bragging about the camera because the picture is very clear and the sound quality is superb.  My brother and I like to baby our sister, and she loves the attention.  She's not spoiled though because when it's us who need her, she'd be there in an instant.  I was very surprised to learn that she did it all on her own.  Way to go sister!  If that intercom of yours is really super, I'm getting one too and I'm gonna ask you to install it for me.  ;)