Small Reunions

My husband's high school classmates are very active at organizing reunions.  Since the start of the year, they have been having a monthly meet up.  These are not the big get-together parties where there are a lot of people though, there are only a handful of them and sometimes they are joined by classmates who are coming home from abroad for a short visit.

Last Tuesday they had another one.  An old classmate who happens to be very close to my husband came home from Las Vegas.  He will be in Manila for only a few days then he'll be staying in his hometown.  They had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and coffee at a famous coffee shop afterwards.  He brought home a photo album and inside was a collection of photos of their past dinners.  He was also wearing a Cool Vest.  He mentioned before that a classmate collected money from each of them so that's where the money went; they had Cool Vests made for them to wear every time they get together.

It sounds a bit corny but it's pretty cool for classmates who are getting together after graduating from high school for more than thirty years.