Too Much Carb was Behind her Tiredness

Five years ago, it was very difficult for my cousin to simply get through her daily routine.  She got tired very easily and even if she had 7 hours of sleep; it didn't seem enough.  She craved sleep so much that she'd doze off easily and it didn't matter where.  On top of feeling fatigued, she had bouts of stomach pains, she felt dizzy from time to time and has gained a lot of weight.

Miranda thought eating healthy is the secret to gaining more energy so she started loading up on whole grains.  Little did she know that she'd feel worse and she even gained more pounds.  We've been encouraging her to see a doctor but she was too afraid to know that something is wrong with her.  What she did was research online and it was there she learned that her high-carb diet is doing all these things to her.

She started researching for low carb diet food.  According to the article she read, switching to low carb food would make her feel better.  Sure enough, she gained more energy after noshing on low carb bread for a week.  The tummy cramps were gone and her dizziness too.  Miranda has lost so much weight since then.  Who would have thought that too much carb will trigger fatigue?