Travel Light

It's a good thing the management of the bowling center where we have our Wednesday league has decided to install additional metal storage cabinets.  These metal cabinets will serve as lockers where we can keep our bowling bags. 

This is very convenient for bowlers like me who own several bowling balls.  Mine is at least 15 lbs. each so imagine how heavy a bag can get if I have to put three or more balls there.  Hubs' knees aren't that good anymore; taking the bag in and out of the car may aggravate the condition.

Last month I inquired about these steel cabinets but there was not a single locker available.  Last Wednesday, I was informed that additional cabinets will be installed and if I'm still interested, I should make reservations as early as possible.  I did and I'm hoping that they will be finished soon.  I pity hubs for carrying the heavy load every week for me.  Once they are done, I can bring all the other bowling balls I have at home.  The locker will be an added cost for me of course, but paying the monthly rental will be a lot cheaper than treating my husband's knees.