The Wireless Thing

I have mentioned in my previous post that my boys installed a wireless doorbell for each of the studio-type rooms that we rent out.  I think the wireless thing had gone to their head because this time they are looking for a wireless intercom online.  Both hubs and my son are pointing out that we need an intercom system installed.  I would much rather shout run up the stairs (serves as my workout) every time I need to tell them or get something when I'm at the store.  They are probably tired of my loud voice that they are insisting on it.

I kept on telling them NO because it just an added cost when we have lived in this building for years without intercom.  But the boys didn't give up.  They showed me a great deal online that was hard to resist.  Who would if your savings is almost 50 percent off?  In short, the boys won and we now have an intercom.  I think it's pretty cool because I don't have to shout anymore and I can buzz them upstairs as often as I want.

I wonder what my boys will be up to next; a driveway alarm or a home security system.  Hmmm.