Angie's Way to Slim

The park is closed for repairs.  That's what Angie often lied to her kids whenever they begged her to take them to the park.  She lied to them because she didn't have the energy to play with them and the more than 30 pounds she gained after her two pregnancies left her too tired and embarrassed to get off the couch.  Even friends and relatives are starting to notice that Angie had been hiding from them.    Her husband began to worry too so he talked to Angie's best friend, Maria.

It turned out that Maria has a cousin who's been using the Raspberry Ketone Diet.  Apparently, an enzyme found in the yummy jewels known as ketone, has the ability to help a person lose weight.

When the pounds began to fall off; Angie's attitude changed as well.  She became more cheerful and she had lots of energy too.  She took her kids every day to the park where they played for hours.  Aside from that, Angie tries to workout at home daily and she also makes it a point to serve healthier foods to her family.  Angie is pleased that her best friend introduced her to raspberry ketone; she would still be hiding in her home if not for that.