Integrity is something every individual and organization keeps very close to their hearts. It's all about protecting one's reputation. It's trust and being credible. Professionals know that their reputation is at stake with every work they do. Businesses are also very careful with this. They could easily lose everything with the slightest air of doubt. The internet has made almost everything public. Social networks has opened up everyone and even businesses to public scrutiny. An adverse feedback could ruin an individual or a business. This makes internet reputation for everyone online a very serious business.

Comments and feedback is just a click away. A bad review will leave a lasting mark on a person or business. There are now laws that make everyone liable and accountable. Public perception can and will definitely affect anybody. Gossip mongers are now online too. This makes image protection even more important. There are firms that can help you keep your integrity intact and bulletproof. These are professionals who know their jobs and takes measures to protect your privacy. They will help you protect your online image. You shouldn't have to wait for some mischievous individual to cause you harm. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.