Modern Awnings Manually Operated and Motorized

Sun awnings are a great addition to any home. They are perfect in the summer and winter and can add real value to your home. Awnings have come on leaps and bounds from the original pull out versions and in their modern form, sunshades can be really stylish and contemporary.

Sun awnings are perfect for the summer months, as the days get longer there is more and more opportunity to make the most of your outdoor space. A stylish modern awning not only has a level of practicality, they can make any patio area instantly more appealing. With a chic sunshade you can enjoy the summer’s warmth without compromising on you or your family’s health. Awnings are also a great idea for pet owners, if dogs and cats for example have no shade to retreat to on the hottest days, they can get over heated very easily.
In the winter, or any other season where there is little sun, depending on where you live, awnings are also a really good idea for storage purposes. If you have your awning constantly retracted it can be a handy spot for plants, bikes and other garden wear that would otherwise perish in the colder months. This idea can really do wonders for the longevity of your garden furniture. Canopies over windows help block out intrusive sun beams that heat a room instantly or are a nuisance to other leisure activities such as watching television but still allow more light than an internal blind or curtains.

There are so many great fabrics and colours to choose from, you really are spoiled for choice. Sun awningsfrom Nationwide Home Innovations offer a range styles and functionalities such as remote control and fully automated versions. If you have a good search through all of the options you are sure to find an awning that is right for you and the existing aesthetic of you outdoor space. A focal point such as an awning could also set the theme of a garden aesthetic if you were looking for a place to start in a new garden. Many property developers decide on the addition of sun awnings as they know the value of a property can really benefit from the simple installation of a sun awning.