New Spirits

My friend wants to expand her wine list. She already has an extensive one but adding more wines will be a big advantage for her. With an exquisite menu and a very good cheese selection, having more options for a fine dining experience will lead to more profits. For this, she flew to California and a Sonoma Wine Tasting trip. Her executive chef tagged along and choose which wines they could use for the restaurant. Diners expect only the best. Her prices are not expensive despite the ingredients hey use. She would like to give her clients a first class meal for less. She believes everyone should experience fine dining. She manages to get a decent profit and her clientele grows everyday.

Every dish has a matching wine to it. Her waiters and waitresses are only to happy to assist diners of what wine goes well with what they ordered. Even the chef goes out of his way to explain and describe what the diner is having. The professionalism of the staff and the god food made their restaurant not only a success but a hit even with customers from out of town. Her business approach only proves that a small overhead can lead to big profits. I guess the success of restaurant proves this.