Soon to become 4 in 1

My niece never thought she would end up as an event organizer.  She took up HRM in college and she wanted to work in a hotel after she graduated, but fate took over and she was lured to organizing events.  Right after college, she met an old friend who is into catering.  She asked my niece if she would like to start a business with her.  Abbie will mange it and help in the events planning while her friend, Samantha, will take care of the food.  Samantha also has a cousin who happened to be a florist and she joined them too.  Abbie borrowed money from her dad so they can start with the business. 

Three years in operation and they are doing well.  The three ladies' company is fast becoming a popular name in weddings and other events.  Other people and companies want to hook up with them -- couturiers, a href="" target="_blank">entertainment businesses, hotels, limousine rental services, and many more. 

The girls never thought they could become big and popular.  They only dreamed of organizing weddings, but now, even companies are seeking their services.  Abbie's younger sister is studying photography.  Pretty soon, she'll join them too and as soon as she does, they can already cover the most important segments in an event.  They are going to me more successful; that, I'm sure of.