Who said you have to be just a face among a sea of people? Who said you have to content yourself with what the dealer sells you? Not, the men in my life. They want to be different and their cars show it. Like his dad, my son who recently got his driver's license wants a car that would stand out and complement his personality. My husband's car sports a very simple body kit, but that's where all the simplicity ends. His car is a one off, a factory-tuned beast. Even the suspension is heavily modified. Only a few roam the streets. Even the paint is personalized. The dealer collaborated with a famous company that modifies cars exclusively for the dealer.

Of course my son would like his car to reflect him. Taking from his dad, he wants his first car to be customized to his specifications. My boys have a penchant for limited edition cars. They've actually gone down to his dad's favorite dealer to check out the new 2013 models. Our son wants something sporty but compact. He wants a car with deceiving looks just like his dad's car. He wants the works, and his dad is just too wiling to oblige. Cars is a common bond for my boys. They work n our cars and even watch the races together. Cars to them are like suits, they want them custom-fit.