Dreaming of Hawaii

Even if my country has a lot of beautiful beaches and resorts to be proud of, I'm still dreaming of going to Hawaii.  It's probably because I've already been to most of the beaches here and I know that I can easily get there whenever I want. 

I'm a great fan of travel shows and I've seen a lot of Hawaii vacations featured on different shows.  The hotels and the resorts are fabulous and the endless activities you can do there looks more fun than I can imagine. 

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary but we didn't actually celebrate because our budget is tight.  We had a simple dinner at home with the whole family.  But even if I know that we cannot afford to travel this year still, I searched online for a Hawaii vacation.  I found www.aquaresorts.com and drooled in front of my laptop.  Kauai is so pretty and I want to experience a true luau.  Hopefully this Christmas, things will be easier.  And If I get lucky and get that bonus I've been waiting for, hubs and I can go for a Hawaii vacation this Christmas; just in time to celebrate our 26th (civil wedding).