Fabulous Wedding Cake Toppers

What Mel had in mind when she was planning her wedding is a simple but elegant event.  She didn't expect that it would look ostentatious when the wedding day came.  She hired the best people for her special day.  I would too, if I had unlimited budget.  :)  Her wedding gown was made by a very popular couturier; the flowers were flown in fresh from Baguio on the day of her wedding; and the food was fantastic.  But it was the cake that left everyone in awe.  The pastry chef was from abroad; she came here just to do the wedding cake and brought along some of the ingredients and the wedding cake toppers.  I'm not sure how much Mel paid for it but I guess it was all worth it because it was the most awesome wedding cake I have ever seen.  Mel's wedding is truly unforgettable.