FreshLoc Technologies in Restaurants

Yesterday was reserved for my son.  Hubs and I accompanied him to his favorite skateboard shop.  He bought new wheels for his cruiser board and a grip tape for his old board.  On our way home, we passed by a newly opened restaurant along T. Morato.  Well, it's not actually a new restaurant; they were gone for a long time and it was great to see them back.  Hubs was excited to find out if the food is still the same so we decided to stop by and eat.  The burgers are still as juicy and the roast beef sandwich is still superb.  They have adapted a modern look and even the equipment used in the restaurant are very modern.  The freezers and coolers are from FreshLoc Technologies and they are now using POS systems.  But although many things have changed with our favorite restaurant, the food is still the same; tasty and mouth-watering.