Getting Better Sales

Since Jan had started accepting large orders in her restaurant, her sales soared. She used to do deliveries for regular orders only but it was I who advised her to do large orders. I told her that she can't just rely on diners because there are days that business is not so good. There's also the weather to consider. Back here it rains a lot and if most diners are like me who doesn't like to go out of the house when it's raining heavily, the chances of getting her restaurant full during rainy days are slim. 

Food delivery is such a great idea with this kind of weather because it's very convenient. And it turned out that I was right. She says there are days that she earns more with food deliveries than from dine-in customers. She was hesitant to go for it at first because she thought the Food Packaging would cost a lot. Then another friend gave her the contact number of a supplier and she was surprised to know that it doesn't really cost much. 

 It's good to know that she's doing well with large orders. At least now she doesn't have to worry a lot during the lean months.