The Sweetest Moment

I still clearly remember when my daughter announced that she wass pregnant and that she was carrying twins. Everyone in the family got excited and the time that she was pregnant seemed like an eternity. When we got the call that she was on the way to the hospital; all of us (including my mom and dad) rushed to the hospital. It was raining hard but my dad drove really fast to get there sooner, only to be disappointed (just a little) that we had to wait a few hours more. It was the next morning that her doctor decided to perform a C-section. It was quick and and within a few minutes, we saw our little sweeties. Hubs was too excited to see them, he almost forgot to distribute the Dutch Masters that he brought along. He ordered the cigars as soon as he found out that we were having girls. It was after a few hours more before we saw our daughter and the twins. It was such a sweet moment that I like to look back on.