Three completely different ways to make money online

The Internet has made the impossible, possible and the difficult easy. Making money from your computer is now not just doable it’s easy. You still need to have plenty of drive and lots of savvy, but where there’s a will there’s a way.

The Internet has brought businesses and people closer together. It has made communication easier, shopping more affordable and opened up far flung corners of the world to travelers looking for authenticity and escapism.

There are costs, but generally the positives greatly outweigh the negatives. Making money online is one of the positives. Here are three completely different ways to make money online.

Online gambling is now a career choice – and a profitable one – for thousands of individuals. Professional gamblers have turned their hobbies into careers allowing them to make money from what they enjoy. Although online poker is perhaps the most well known form of online gambling, it’s by no means the only option. Ladies will probably prefer online bingo. In a safe, friendly, informal and chatting environment such as on 888 Ladies, women can play online bingo whenever they want. Jackpots top £5,000 and games are cheap to play. If you know what you’re doing and have a decent amount of luck, there could be plenty of cash in store for you.

Thanks to sites such as eBay it’s now possible to sell your wares online with no need for a real-world boutique. If you have excellent fashion prowess, know a bargain when you see one and don’t mind hunting through charity shops and vintage stores you could make money reselling items of clothing around the world using e-tailer sites like eBay. Some of the best ideas are those that specialize in a theme, perhaps vintage 30s clothing or iconic seventies styles. If you can fill a hole in the fashion world you could make a tidy sum of cash.

There are all sorts of opportunities to make money online from writing. You could write your own blog and if it’s successful you can make money from advertising. Alternatively you could write for websites and other people’s blogs and turn a quick buck. Many online writing sites offer profit shares so although you won’t get a lot of money you could get regular payments. If you want to start blogging, check out Wordpress; it is one of the best blogging sites on the Internet.