Green Travel Tips: How to be a Responsible Tourist

Green travel is increasingly becoming a favorite catch phrase in the tourist industry. Promoting the essence of responsible travel aims to protect the culture and environment of the places you visit. Thus, green travel tips are being given freely by travel websites, airlines and leaflets in airports.

The negative impacts of tourism are evident in the most visited tourist attractions everywhere. Thus, it has become essential that visitors minimize their individual impacts as much as possible on tourist attractions, especially those that are considered earth’s natural or cultural treasures. One sure way of being a responsible tourist is to choose our mode of transportation. If we are going on a short trip, we can opt to take the train instead of the plane. If you have to ride the plane, choose to pay a small fee that will go to organizations that are working to mitigate the damaging effects of air travel. Choose public transportation systems over car rentals or taxi cabs. 

During your expeditions, travel with a tour operator who is known to be environmentally responsible. Find a green hotel to stay in. Throw your garbage properly or take it with you when you leave if there are no properly marked garbage depositories in the place you are visiting. And always treat the locals with respect and be sensitive to their issues with dressing and behavior. And always read up on the area that you are visiting before you take your trip.