Learning Should Be Fun

While my daughter is already a graduate of a college course, some of my friends still ask me why I pulled her out from an exclusive private school for girls in the middle of her grade school years.  I, myself was a graduate of that prestigious school and that was one of the reasons why my husband and I decided to enroll her there when she started schooling.  Another reason is we believed that the high standards of that school will shape her into a productive person.

Everything was going well during her first few years.  She's got high grades and I can see that she was learning fast.  It was during her fourth grade that things began to change.  While her other grades were still good, her grade in Math and English dropped.  It's not that I expected her to have good grades all the time but it was her teacher that made me change my mind about that school.  During the quarterly parent-teacher meeting, she mentioned about all her students having a difficult time in both subjects.  I didn't like to criticize her but I felt that she was not a competitive teacher.  She knew her students were having problems but she didn't take actions.  She should have thought of other instructional strategies to encourage her students to learn more.  It was the same during the succeeding quarters of that year.  The following school year my husband and I have decided to transfer her to another school.  It wasn't a big school and not as prestigious as her former school but her grades improved again.

I guess learning is all about how it is given to students, not because of how popular the school is.