Dealing with bullies in school

Bullies are everywhere, in school or at work. Parents who have kids in school deal with them from time to time. Sometimes it is unavoidable when kids experience bullying from other students in school. Knowing how to deal with these situations can help both parents and children handle them.

How to deal with bullies in school

·         Before enrolling your kid in school, know the feedbacks from other parents who have children studying there. Ask them about the other kids, the environment, experiences and such to evaluate whether it is the perfect school for your kid. Don’t make decisions abruptly and instead take your time.
·         Talk to your kid before he goes to school and give him an idea on what to expect. This will help him from having culture shock once he starts going to class everyday. It will prepare him also for social interaction with other children.
·         Talk to your kid also after his school to know what happened there, who are his new friends and what he learned.
·         If your kid tells about other student bullying him, find out about the situation in details and know who are involved. Raise it to the teacher or principal to find ways on how to deal with it.
·         Talk to the parent of the child who is bullying your own kid if it is necessary and things are out of hand. Listen to both sides of the story before making a decision. It can be tricky but if both sides can talk about it calmly then the better the situation will be.

Raising a kid is hard. It is up to the parents on how to raise him well. Teach him good morals and values; tell him what can happen and how he can protect himself when you are not around. It is hard work but it will teach him to be strong and deal with this inevitable situations. 

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GC said…
Great suggestions.

I think a lot of us has experienced bullying at one time or another. I have. It wasn't fun.
Quick story: I was being bullied by a boy in 8th great. It wasn't until I fought back when it stopped. His friends also learned too. Of course the name calling didn't stop, but they made sure not to touch me. :)