Double Blessing

I can still clearly remember how we felt when my daughter announced that she was pregnant.  It was a bit sudden because she was just out of college but hubs and I felt so excited that we were going to be grandparents.  Yeah, we were too young to become grandparents but we were both very happy that a blessing was yet to come.  Our glee was doubled when we found out that she was carrying twins.  So there's going to be not just one bundle of joy but two!

I gave her lots of advice but since it had been a long time since I was pregnant, I also told her to research online and look of other pregnancy information.  It's important that she learns about proper diet, nutrition and exercise for the health of the twins and hers as well.  I wasn't very careful with my food when I was pregnant with her and my son, so I had gotten really big after each pregnancy.

She had difficulties in her last trimester because she was carrying two babies but her doctor took good care of her and her twins that she they made it full term.  Each baby weighed 6.5 pounds, the size of one normal baby.