For Her Only

I always thought that all vitamins are created equal. I grew up relying on the different food groups and their benefits to our health. As time passed and as medicine advanced, certain vitamins are isolated and are found more beneficial if not exclusively beneficial to specific genders. Gone were the days when vitamins and minerals were universally good for everybody. Some actually still are but science had discovered that women need more or higher dosage of some vitamins and minerals. There are now health shops and pharmacies like that exclusively sell women's vitamins.

I'm glad that stores like these are more abundant. Professionally trained staff and very competent pharmacies are on hand to explain what each vitamin and supplement is for. I don't go around reading each label for information. I immediately know what each vitamin is good for. More and more natural vitamins are developed which is better than synthesized ones. I can even send my husband over to get me the vitamins I need.

Health, beauty and even achieving that younger fresher look is now so easy. Of course we still need to seek professional advice. Doctors are there to help us determine what our bodies need and lack. Self-medication is a definite no-no. Health should never be compromised by personal caprices.