Getting Rid of Alcohol Dependency Through the Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Program

After coming home from Iraq several years back, my aunt noticed that his son had changed drastically. As a mother, she knew instinctively that her son needed help. The symptoms were there. He was almost never sober. He had erratic mood swings and was prone to violent reactions to stress. He was always in the mood for a fight and would often come home all bloodied after getting into a fight. The son she knew was gone.

Before he left for Iraq, William was a sweet young man with a ready smile and genteel manners. Everyone loved him. He was generous and always ready to help. But the William who came home from the war was almost morose, prone to anger and his demeanor was always verging on rudeness, the exact opposite of the William we used to know. We came together as a family to help him recover from his trauma. My daughter suggested that they seek professional help and we all agreed that it was the best way to help William. That is how my aunt chanced upon the Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Centers which she knew would be able to help him.

The dual-diagnosis treatment program where she enrolled William customized a program specific to William’s needs. He underwent a comprehensive psychological and psychiatric assessment which helped determine what was best for my cousin. The program addressed both his alcohol addiction and his depression. The program also involved the family which we found to be very helpful in making William’s recovery faster than we expected.